Sports Dentistry

The sports dentistry is a specialty of dentistry that focuses on the prevention, the care for the oral wounds caused by the sports practice as well as on the improvement of the sports performance. Through the clinical examination it is possible to see possible dental malposition which potentially can turn into oral injuries throughout the sports practice.
Mouth protectors are vital for the prevention of the oral and facial injuries. They help to cushion the blow received on the facial area, head or neck.
Our protectors are made out of very flexible, firm and hygienic materials, obtaining the correct adherence to the mouth anatomy and avoiding respiratory difficulties. In contrast to the conventional protectors, which are more rigid, our protectors minimize the risk of suffering major consequences in case of suffering an impact.
Thanks to studies of physiology, molecular biology, among other medical areas, the close relationship between the oral health and the rest of our body has been proven. The bacteria present in the mouth during an oral infection pass into the bloodstream, which might bring about diabetes, respiratory, cardiovascular, muscular problems, among other illnesses, possibly causing the sports amateur or professional a physical capacity loss that sometimes make the sportsman or woman end up quitting. LINK

Also a battered teeth or an unbalanced occlusion can undermine the sportsman's physical condition as both may lead to balance problems, muscular injuries, headache and cramps...
The physical and mouth health is essential for the good sports performance.
It is known in the world of the sport, the case of the French soccer player Aly Cissokho that in the period 2009/10 due to not overcoming the medical recognition for its dental problems (ailment related to muscular injuries and specifically with groin injury ) lost a millionaire contract of the transfer of its club the Oporto to the Ac . Milan.

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