Occlusal & Postural rehabilitation

The way your upper and lower teeth touch is called occlusion. The occlusion influences the position of the head and the neck, which is also closely related to the whole postural chain.

Occlusal problems appear when both arches do not contact in harmony, causing muscular tensions. They can stem from absent dental pieces, caries, too high restorations, etc., provoking premature dental contacts that make the occlusion unstable. The result of this asymmetry can damage the jaw joint and cause an myofascial adaptation that could lead to a cervical malfunction, appearing symptoms like clenching or bruxism, pains in the jaw muscles, noises in the jaw joint, headaches, as well as face, neck and shoulder muscular tension, resulting in a movement limitation.

In Nature dental spa we have a sound knowledge of occlusion that allows us to detect specific problems originated or worsened by occlusal interferences.

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