We are aware of the fact that we are immersed in a consumer society where the massive consumption of resources and waste generation entail serious environmental problems which, in addition, end up by affecting our health. Because of it, we commit ourselves to the defense of a clear environmental policy aiming at a sustainable development and also support the most advanced technology, which is more respectful of the environment (the digital radiology reduces the radiation level in comparison with the conventional ones and lacks the substances that have harmful effects on the environment).For the same reason, we are provided with dental dividers of amalgam so that we can separate and store it in a safe way.
The dental amalgam is a tooth restorer made up of a series of metals, such as Zinc 1 %, Copper 13 %, 15 % Tin, Silver 20 % and Mercury 51 %. The latter is the most abundant substance in its composition. That implies that the amalgam is a potentially dangerous material for any living being (many scientific studies prove its relationship with the alteration of the central nervous system). So, in order to avoid any possible damage throughout its withdrawal from a tooth we strictly follow the protocol of the IAOMT (International Oral Academy of Medicine and Toxicology ), minimizing the exposure to its highly toxic substances to the patient, the professional and the environment. For all these reasons, we refuse its use and choose the use of dental materials that ensures maximum biocompatibility. LINK.

To sum up,
Dentistry without metal's focus is set on the Biocompatibility and Esthetics.

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